Birth Parents

A Very Special Gathering of Birthmothers In Support

photo (3)On May 4th, a very special group of women gathered together in the Cherry Hill Office. The Cherry Hill staff were honored to be joined by 5 birthmothers, 2 birth grandmothers, and a woman working with AFTH who is considering making an adoption plan for her baby. Three of the women had placed within the past year and the other two birthmothers had placed more than two years prior. They were able to share their experiences and offer support to each other. Each woman brought a unique experience and the woman who is considering making an adoption plan found the camaraderie priceless. Even the birth grandmothers discovered wonderful connects in each other.

The reason for the gathering was to come together in support just before Mother’s Day weekend which can often be a difficult time for birthmothers. The AFTH staff walked the women through the calendar and opened up a discussion about what the most difficult times of the year are and offered tips and suggestions for dealing with grief during those times.

Each woman who attended received flowers along with the poem “A Hundred Years From Now” by Forest Witcraft:

A hundred years from now

It will not matter what my bank account was,

The sort of house I lived in,

The kind of car I drove…

But the world may be different…

Because I was important in the life of a child.

All our offices offer various types of birthmother support whether it be a buddy system with women who have placed or  an informal gathering several times a year. If you are interested in participating in a birthmother support group, reach out to your social worker to learn more about the upcoming opportunities in your area.


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