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September Book Reviews 2013

DreamBigReadAll books purchased by clicking the link in our review will give AFTH a small donation from  If you are interested in purchasing one of the books in our review please consider buying it through our link to

abc-pubready-cover_front-2ABC, Adoption & Me by Gayle H. Swift & Casey A. Swift -Bright, quirky illustrations with a really positive message.  Each page goes through a letter of the alphabet and explains another detail of adoption.  Its a great way to start a conversation with your child or keep the conversation going! price $10.84 kindle price $6.99

9780807752128_p0_v1_s260x420What If All the Kids Are White? (Early Childhood Education Series) by Louise Derman Sparks & Patricia G. Ramsey – This book was written for teachers but it really should be directed toward anyone, particularly parents.  Do you talk about race with your kids? Most Caucasian parents don’t unless it directly applies to them but is that the right thing to do? This book says no.  Full of uncomfortable but very interesting questions and observations about how a Caucasian person views race and how speak to children about it.  Some people believe that young children don’t see race but this has been proven not to be true and by ignoring it we allow the media, and others to influence our children. $18.66 kindle edition $17.73

41QggwyO2QL._SY300_Breeding in Captivity: One Woman’s Unusual Path to Motherhood by Stacy Bolt –This book has to be one of the most funny yet honest looks at a woman’s journey to parenthood.  I have had friends go through these different steps and I have witnessed it first hand in my work and its hard. Stacy has a way of telling her tale with a light touch and a wit that will keep you laughing and smiling but you can also feel the pain, the desperation and finally the relief when her journey finally ends with her adopting.

Her journey through the adoption process is spot on.  The hoops she jumps through the feelings of euphoria and then the disappointment of a failed adoption. The anger that she has to fill out 120 questions and have someone “judge” her when women on meth and crack are having babies all the time with no issues.  This book is honest and spot on while also being light hearted. This is a great book for those experiencing the pain of fertility struggles to know you are not alone and for those entering into adoption to read first hand some of the ups and downs that go along with that process as well.  All paths to parenthood are a roller coaster, but each is a little different.  amazon  price $16.36 Kindle edition $9.99

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