Tips for a Smooth Morning Routine with the Kids!

As you get bSleepy Morningack into the swing of things this year, we know your early mornings might start off a little rough. Whether or not they’re all heading off to school, it’s especially chaotic if you’re trying to usher multiple children out the door well groomed, fed, and fully clothed. Can we ensure a seamless exit every day, probably not? But hey, a few tips can’t hurt!

Get your Kids their own Alarm Clocks

Hopefully doing so will instill a sense of self-responsibility. Let the kids pick out a cool-looking clock at Five Below or Target and they’ll be excited to start using it. A wake-up call from mom or dad can be the back-up.

Prep the Night Before

This is key. Have the back packs ready, pack lunches, and pick-out outfits. The less you have to worry about at 6am, the better.  Have everything laid out and ready to go by the door. Take care of baths at night and brush/style hair before bed if you can. When the kids wake-up hopefully they will only need to run a brush through their hair and make a few touch-ups.

Make a Checklist

Make a checklist for the before-bed routine, in-order to shorten your morning rush. Post a list on the fridge or any place the kids can easily see what needs done. Even if it means pushing bedtime back 20 minutes, have the kids help you each night. They will learn to take responsibility for taking care of themselves through being prepared.

Stick to a Grab and Go Breakfast

That doesn’t necessarily mean pop-tarts and sugary cereal bars every morning. But plan breakfasts ahead of time and post breakfast options on the fridge so kids can grab it themselves  if need be. Make a batch of breakfast muffins or granola bars for the week, make yogurt cups, cut fruit, or stock up on instant oatmeal. (Pinterest is great for easy and healthy breakfast options).

Positive Reinforcements

You had a blissful week of making it to school or daycare with minutes to spare, awesome! Reward the kids with a trip to the park on Friday after school or maybe a stop for ice cream. Let them know that good behavior and adherence to the schedule hasn’t gone unnoticed; and hopefully a smooth morning routine will become habit for the family.

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