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Send Me Back to My Birthmom

angry-girl-467x267The words every adoptive parent dreads to hear but will probably encounter at some point in their parenting lifetime.  Carrie Goldman, an adoptive mother wrote a great article about this on  She talks about how it made her feel, how she handled those dreaded words that tear at your soul and what other people said to her when she expressed what happened on facebook.  Here are a few snippets of the article, you can find a link to the full article at the bottom of the snippet.

“I want to leave this stupid family. Send me back to my birthmom.”

My ten-year-old threw that statement out last week when I told her that I wouldn’t make pancakes for breakfast. I knew she would be getting a doughnut later in the morning, so I made eggs and fruit to prevent a sugar overload. My girl tends to be a big grouch when her blood sugar is low, and her response to my suggestion that she start off the day with something healthy was met with extreme hostility.

Have you had mornings like this? Or what about afternoons or evenings.  Read how this mom dealt with it…Send Me Back to My Birthmom by Carrie Goldman

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