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November 2013 Book Reviews

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39092016_0_Img2The Book of Answers from your Birth Mother: A guided journal for Birthmothers to share thier life story by Jenny Lynn Delancy – No matter what the level of contact is between birth and adoptive parents this is a great book for birth parents to share a bit of themselves with their child.  This guided journal asks questions about likes, dislikes, favorite games, movies and who is in your family.  Some of the questions toward the end of the book deal with religious views, and the circumstances surrounding their adoption.  It asks for information on the birth father, and what are your dreams of the future.  This is a great keepsake for a birth parents to pass on to an adopted child.  It will help children answer questions when they are ready for them and the ability to page through it at their own pace and in their own way.  It can also help spark conversations when children come back and ask you to about different events in life. price $11.66

imagesThe First R: How Children Learn Race and Racism by Debra Van Ausdale & Joe R. Feagin–  This book can be a bit dry and texbook like but if you dig a little deeper you find a new way at looking at race.  Audale and Feagin  speak to how even young children start to define race and ethnicity and they encourage parents to not wait to talk about race.  Make race a topic of conversation for kids even as young as 3 years old.  It is emphasized that children do learn about race through their caregivers, parents, society and adult interactions but the age in which they start learning this is very very young.  Also to not address racist comments or remarks by young children thinking they are too young to understand what they are saying does a disservice to these children.  Many times they do realize what they are saying but aren’t aware that its not acceptable. Very interesting read about race in America that would benefit all parents and caregivers but is particularly valuable to parents of children of a different racial background than their own. $17.95 kindle edition $9.99

download (2)Inside Transracial Adoption by Beth Hall & Gail Steinberg – There are a lot of books out there now about white parents raising children of color but Hall & Steinberg were writing about this topic before many even considered it to be a topic.  There are so many new books on this subject in fact that its hard to pick just one.  I would recommend that you read more than one because there are many really good ones out there but if you only want to pick one this is my recommendation. We have been recommending this book to families for years and this updated version makes it even more relevant.  This book is a straight in your face no holds barred look at raising a child of a different race, confronting your own known or maybe unknown prejudices, and giving you strategies, and examples to help you navigate through many of the challenges raising a child of a different race brings forth. Hall & Steinberg teach you how to help children build a strong sense of identity so they are comfortable answering questions and dealing with difficult situations.  A must read for families considering adopting a child of a different race. $20.90 Kindle Edition: $13.99


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