Separate Rooms for Siblings? How to Decide

Wondferfull-Kids-Sharing-Bedroom-IdeasSome siblings want their own bedrooms; others prefer to double up. But ultimately its up to the parents to decide whether it’s time to give each child his or her own room.

Child-development experts say there’s no hard and fast rule about children being roommates, so consider these factors:

  • Personalities. Some siblings prefer each other’s company and aren’t as happy being alone.
  • Development. Are they developmentally ready for their own room? This usually varies according to the ages and genders of the individual child.
  • Independence. Living separately can give a child more independence and a greater sense of privacy, and it could lead to more freedom of personal expression when it comes to decorating.
  • Bonding. Rooming together creates great bonds. Siblings learn about solving problems and compromise. They learn how to share. It also prepares them for life in college dorms or apartments later on.
  • Gender. If your children are different genders it may be okay for them to share a room when they are younger but as they get older they will need their privacy and separate spaces.

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