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March Book Reviews 2014


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hoping-adopt-how-create-ideal-adoption-profile-russell-elkins-paperback-cover-artHoping to Adopt: How to Create the Ideal Adoption Profile (Preparing to Adopt) by Russell Elkins – Not sure I would call this a book, its more like a longer article for sale.  But given its low price and good advice I’d say it was worth the read.  Writing a profile for adoption is a daunting task but this book gives you some great tips.  If you don’t have the time to read one of the longer books that are out there on this subject this short 30 page one might be just right.  Learn about what your picture says about you, how to introduce yourselves in your letter, how certain wording portrays you, and how to end your letter.  There is an example at the end of the book and a shameless plug for the author’s other books in the text regarding open adoption. All in all Russell Elkins has some good advice in a short book that should help any family get started. price $4.22  kindle price $.99

chosenChosen with Purpose: A Story of Adoption and Identity by Mark Molzen – Mark Molzen is a black man who was adopted at birth by a white family.  His family also adopted several other children of color in a time when that was rare.  Mark has a very positive and interesting perspective on adoption that was instilled in him by his parents.  Mark believes adoption is part of God’s plan and once he accepted this and stopped worrying about what he didn’t know about his past his life fell into place.  Through bible quotes and a glass half full outlook Mark explains his family’s philosophy on adoption.

Mark has also done extensive research on adoption and includes many statistics on foster children, international adoption and the race of families adopting children of a different race.   He touches on how his family instilled in their children a sense of culture and how they dealt with racism (this was the late 70’s), and also delved into the relatively new concept of openness in adoption.  While he doesn’t seem to particularly agree with open adoption he does feel that it can sometimes be a good thing.

There is an interview with his parents in the back of the book explaining their philosophy on adoption and why and how they chose to adopt outside of their race.  And while I’m not a religious person I found Mark’s take on adoption interesting and thought provoking. kindle price:$4.99 Paperback $11.66

Two Mothers and Their 60-Year Secret (Web Front)Two Mothers and Their 60-Year Secret: Opening the Doors to a Private Adoption by Nita B. Rogers – Nita Rogers was adopted through a private adoption.  Her mother held the adoption close to her heart and didn’t reveal many details.  After her mother died she pursued a search for her roots, discovering not only a mother, but a sister and a mystery surrounding her who her father was. Nita, her parents and her birth mother were very religious and God plays a large role in her life and in this story.    amazon  price $12.72 Kindle edition $4.89 

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