Embryo Adoption

Embryo Donation

frozen-human-eggWhy do families choose to donate embryos?

Many families who created embryos for their own IVF use never dreamed of having remaining embryos once their family was complete.  Now faced with ongoing storage costs embryo donation is one of several option open to families.

  •  Donating families can often identify with the struggles of infertility that other families are experiencing and hope to give another family the joy of becoming parents.
  • Donating embryos to science, destruction, or keeping them in stasis forever may not appeal to families.
  • It may be against religious or moral beliefs to destroy or donate embryos to science and by donating remaining embryos to another family they are given the potential for life.

What types of contact between donor and recipient families are available?

Embryo donation should be tailored to each donor family’s needs and desires, what works for one family might not be right or another.  It also depends on what organization you work with.  Some clinics don’t allow any contact or identifying information and then there are some agencies out there that give donor families more options. Some options are:

On-going contact with the recipient family either through letters and photos or more open contact.

  • Anonymous donation. No contact except for an exchange of medical information.
  • Something in-between – notification of a live birth and/or the option for future contact with the recipient family.

Is there specific criteria regarding who can donate?

This would depend on the clinic, or agencies you are using.  Contact them to see what their criteria is.

Are there legal issues associated with embryo donation and placement?

  • At this time there are no federal laws regarding embryo donation and placement.
  • Some states have state laws regarding assisted reproductive technology.
  • In general, embryo placement is governed by contract law respecting the laws and regulations set forth by the FDA regarding human tissue donation.

What are the costs of donating our embryos?

  • There is usually no cost for donating families.
  • Recipient families will assume the cost of storage and transportation once the contracts have been signed legally releasing the embryos for donation.

How do we get started?

If you would like to learn more about donating embryo’s to an other family please contact the clinic where your embryo’s are stored.  There are also several agencies out there that will help you click here for a list of agencies that help families with embryo adoption.

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