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April Book Reviews 2014


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one-perfect-dayOne Perfect Day: A Mother and Son’s Story of Adoption and Reunion by Diane Burke -Diane placed her son for adoption when she was teenager.  She didn’t have a choice as many women didn’t back then.  She was shipped off to a home for unwed mothers and told she just needed to act like nothing happened after she delivered.  Of course that wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  Years later she gets a phone call from someone asking if she placed a baby several years ago and after the initial shock she found her heart wasn’t missing a piece anymore.

While Diane’s story is tragic and difficult, Steve her now grown son had a very different life.  In fact he had a very good life and didn’t decide to search until later in life. Steve’s story really touches on the need to feel connected and have closure.  Meeting his birth mother helped him with that. . price $18.60 kindle price $11.99

12439950Me, Him, Them, and It by Caela Carter –  I love the pacing of the novel — the main character Evie really considers her options, which cause so much of the early tension in the novel, and after she’s made it, the tension ramps up about what she’s going to do about it. The second part of the novel is wonderful and diverse. I love Caela’s treatment of race and family and making your own family. This is not just a story about pregnancy, but about family, and how that doesn’t mean just one thing. I had some issues with the adoption being closed since in most cases adoption is open or semi-open but all in all, this is a great teen read. price : Hardcover $12.67 kindle price $9.99  Paperback $8.99

Ladybug-Love-Kat-LaMons-Trish-DigginsLadybug Love: 100 Chinese Adoption Match Day Stories by Kat Lamons & Trish Diggins – For everyone who has waited years and months for their match from China this book gives you hope.  Filled with 100 match stories from families who have waited some of them up to 5 years or more for their match.  The record of their initial reaction feels like you are reliving the moment with them.  Whether you are waiting, have already adopted from China or just need a smile and that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach this book helps you achieve it.  amazon  price $12.89 Kindle edition $5.99 

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