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August Book Reviews 2014


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61rKOPiTrYL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Zero Degree Zombie Zone (Bakari Katari Johnson) by Patrik Henry Bass – Still on my quest to find books with main characters of color that don’t center around sports or aren’t set in the “hood”, I stumbled upon the Zombie Zone.  The illustrations in this book remind me of Captain Underpants, and it will probably appeal to the same audience of Elementary school kids. The difference is that all the characters in this book are African-American. Bakari and his classmates are forced to work together to help save their world from the frozen Zombies that are threatening to invade their planet if they can’t find a special ring.  While some of the books intents (bullying) may be over most kids heads it is still entertaining and fun. price $8.99 kindle price $7.99

9780545399333_p0_v2_s260x420The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Letters to their Younger Selves edited by Sarah Moon –   Uplifting letters from authors to their younger selves.  These letters cover everything from self-acceptance, keep pursuing your dream because it will happen, to stop being a bully and hanging out in parks at night.  For every kid who thought they were weird, different or didn’t know where they fit in this shows that it does indeed get better. I also like the idea of writing to yourself, one of the authors actually wrote a letter to his older self when he was 13 then stumbled upon it later and used it when writing his piece in this book.  What an amazing find and what a great idea.  To see where you are in 10-20-30 years and look back on what you thought was important to ask at that time. price $9.81 Kindle price $9.32 

593176Are We There Yet?: Adopting and Raising 22 Kids! by Hector & Sue Badeau – Sue and Hector Badeau didn’t begin their journey thinking they were going to adopt as many children as they did but somewhere along the way it happened.  In addition to the two biological children they had, Sue & Hector ended up adopting 20 children of all different backgrounds, several of who are severely disabled. Does this make them crazy? Many would think so and reading the book may leave you shaking your head thinking there is no way I could do that! But they did, through love, strength and faith.


While this book could have used some editing as it is sometimes clumsy and disjointed its ultimately about the children and the family. There is no sugar coated we all get along and life is just sunshine and roses despite having 22 kids, no there go through ups and way downs, but they make it through.  If nothing else you walk away from this book with hope and inspiration that whatever life dishes out you can make it through, because if they can do it, you can do it too. amazon  price $13.40 Kindle edition $9.99

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