Telling Your Loved Ones You’re Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

ISTOCK - Birthmother looking at her stomachAn unplanned pregnancy is a huge obstacle that you are facing right now. Now more than ever you will need your loved ones support and help through this difficult time. Neither you nor your loved ones are ready for this conversation, but it needs to be done. It’s important to acknowledge the feelings that your family or loved ones might go through when you tell them about your unplanned pregnancy whether it be anger, disappointment, or joy. It will be an easier conversation and they will be more understanding of you if you understand what emotions they are going through.

You may be questioning whether or not you even want to tell your loved ones of your unplanned pregnancy. It is important to tell your loved ones because keeping secrets as big as this one is not always good for your emotional health and your ability to take care of your health. No matter your decision on what to do with this unplanned pregnancy, you should rally up all support you can receive from your loved ones.

It’s important to think through how you are going to have the conversation with your loved one by thinking through several practical matters. What time of the day would be best to tell them? What room in the house would you like to tell them? Do you want to tell them somewhere other than the house? Would writing a letter to them and then having a conversation be more beneficial for you and your loved ones? Do you want to tell them together or each separately? Would you want someone else with you when you tell them?

The best way to start the conversation with your loved one is to be upfront and just say it. Easy conversation starters could be “I have something difficult to tell you, I’m pregnant,” “I need to talk to you but I’m afraid you will be upset with me,” “I really need your support so please don’t be angry,” or “I just took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.”

Understand that your family and loved ones may need some time to process everything you just told them. They might freak out, which is understandable as they always want what is best for you, so it could be a good idea to give them some time alone to process.

Some of your loved ones might be very excited about your pregnancy, but might not agree with the direction you are choosing to go with this unplanned pregnancy. A good tip to dealing with this is writing down a list of reasons you have chosen this path. By explaining it to your loved ones with logical reasons, they may be more understanding of your decision.

You should understand that some people are set in their own ways, and they may not agree with your decision. There are counselors that you can speak to and get support from no matter what path you choose in this unplanned pregnancy.

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