The Paper Heart Project

Those of us in the adoption community know that November is National Adoption Month and here at Adoptions From The Heart we have been preparing! This year we are bringing back one of our favorite fundraisers, The Paper Heart Project, to help spread adoption awareness throughout local communities during the month of November.

Project2:Layout 1.qxdAny business or organization can join AFTH and the Paper Heart Project. Starting November 1st, participating companies and organizations can offer their customers or audience the opportunity to “show their hearts” in support of adoption by donating as little as $1 and then proudly signing their name to a heart to then be displayed.

By promoting your support of National Adoption Month and AFTH, you will also be supporting The Birthmother Fund and pregnant women in need. The Birthmother Fund supports women who have worked with Adoptions From The Heart, both during and after pregnancy. AFTH has worked with thousands of pregnant women considering adoption. Each woman is facing unique challenges and many find themselves in need of a little additional financial support to help with housing, food, transportation etc. in order to regain their footing.

Join us in celebrating beautiful families created through adoption and participate in the Paper Heart Project! Here is how:

Step 1: Register
Register online at http://www.afth.org/events through our National Adoption Month page and complete the registration form. You will be asked to provide contact info, a company or organization logo (so we can promote what you do!) and the amount of paper hearts you wish for us to send you.

Step 2: Promote
Show your support of National Adoption Month and AFTH’s Paper Heart Project any way you can think of. We can help you come up with ideas, two brains are better than one! We will be promoting your business as a Paper Heart sponsor through our social media channels, reaching 70,000+ people each week and in all press generated by the Paper Heart Project.

Step 3: Accept Donations
Request a minimum donation of $1 per heart. Donors can write their names on a heart to show support for adoption. You can display the hearts anyway you want; they will definitely bring a pop of color to any wall! We will be checking in all month long to see how you are doing. Additional donations from your own company are tax deductible and we can provide a Tax ID upon request.

Step 4: Return Donations
We ask that all donations be sent by cash or check along with unused hearts by the return date of Friday, December 5th.

If you have any questions about our fundraiser please don’t hesitate to ask Jessica at JessicaA@afth.org! How do you raise awareness for adoption in your community? Share your stories and ideas with us!

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