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National Adoption Month: A Summary of Stories

November has come to a close and that means that National Adoption Month has come to an end. Although we celebrate adoption 365 days a year at Adoptions From The Heart, we did some extra special things this past month to get the adoption community involved. We reached out to a lot of our Adoptions From The Heart families and were welcomed with some great memories, advice and testimonials about adoption. Here are some of those responses, please share your stories with us as well, the more love for adoption the better!


“I wish I had known that the relationships with the birth families are all different and yet all beautiful in their own way. I want my birth parents to know that they are loved, no matter what!” –AFTH Adoptive mother
“The best advice I can give to perspective adoptive families is to have faith. Don’t ever give up but realize that the perfect child will come into your life at the perfect time. If the journey is painful remember that once you child is placed into your arms, that pain will go away.” – AFTH Adoptive mother
“My hope is that our relationship with our daughter’s birth mom continues to grow and flourish and that she continues on the path of her continued growth, both personally and professionally. My dream is that our daughter always knows how very much she is loved by us and most importantly by her birth mom.” –AFTH Adoptive mother
“My advice to people considering adoption would be to be prepared for a lot of ups and downs. When the people at AFTH tell you that the right baby will find you, listen to them!! Support groups are your friend, do not be afraid to talk about what you are doing or how you are feeling, you would be surprised at how much talking can help you. Lastly, and it’s not for everyone, but try to enjoy your journey if you can. You don’t want to get that call, and say I wish we would have done those “waiting for you pictures” or painted the room together. Yes, you’re on a different path than most, but it’s no reason you should not get the same experiences as others do.” – AFTH Adoptive father
“Our perception on adoption has changed from a “what if” to an “it happens.” I occasionally viewed the AFTH Facebook page before and during our home study process. I specifically remember viewing posts with parents who were placed within months. I remember showing them to my husband and saying out loud “this could be us. People like us are adopting and it does happen, ‘look, read what this couple just wrote.’” While it still felt surreal, those posts gave us hope, actual hope, that adoption is possible. We are now awaiting finalization with the adoption of our seven month old son. We were placed within 3 weeks of completing our paperwork. We hadn’t even stated our paperwork this time last year.” – AFTH Adoptive mother
“Our struggles for sure were over the number of times our social worker had to tell us a birth mother chose another family. Of the 40ish times we had our profile presented in 11 months, 19 of them were situations we knew about and had said yes to being shown. It was very hard at times, to be doing everything we could be doing, truly evaluating situations, evaluating and changing our profile key, and yet we struggled with families being picked that had been waiting a short amount of time. It really makes you think differently about yourselves, were we not good enough, was there a commonality to why we were not getting chosen, etc. Of course, our triumph was when we met our birthmother and knew that she was the reason all of the other situations did not work out… we needed to wait for her. She is hands down the best birth mother for our family and our daughter is exactly what we had prayed for…..” – AFTH Adoptive mother

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