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Adoption Holiday Traditions

holiday traditions

Maybe you celebrate Christmas or maybe Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, but there is no denying that the festive holiday season is upon us. A lot of families practice different traditions, especially the families that are built through adoption. Through some research and reaching out to adoptive families, we compiled some holiday tips and traditions that highlight adoption.

• If you are adopting from foster care or are adopting an older child, take into consideration past holiday celebrations they may have celebrated. Set aside some time to talk with them about what they think is important before you plan your new family holiday.
• Younger children who are adopted should learn a little about the traditions of their culture during the holidays. Incorporating parts of new customs in conjunction with past traditions of your family is a way to include every member of your family.

• If your child is participating in a play or pageant this holiday season, consider inviting their birth family to watch the show and host a little party afterwards.
• Create a photo ornament for your birth moms and families. You can create a matching one for your child too and everyone will have a matching ornament set over the years.
• One family who adopted from Korea began visiting their local Asian market and bought Korean treats to add to their platter of Italian cookies and pastries, and appetizers. The blend of cuisines is something their family now truly embraces.
• For Hanukkah, a family who adopted from China also used food to incorporate their son’s Chinese heritage. They made Chinese onion cakes because they are fried in oil, like latkes from their Jewish family traditions. Yum!
• Another family who adopted from Korea makes sure that one gift each holiday season is Korean in nature. Whether it is Korean paintbrushes and rice paper or a book on Korean culture, they want to make sure their cultural identity is alive.

We would love to learn what kinds of things you do to celebrate adoption during the holiday season! Share with us and spread the adoption love!

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