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Digital Scrapbooking

digital scrapbookingGone are the days of making scrapbooks with scissors, printed out photos, and a million stickers! No more trips to your local craft store and buying every pretty background page and embellishments you can find, unless you love doing it this way. Behold the new era of digital scrapbooking! Forget about those nasty paper cuts or uneven cutting. You can create a beautiful scrapbook from the comfort of your bed and save your fingers from getting messy with glue.

The new way to scrapbook allows its creators to preserve precious memories into perfectly created and printed books that they can read over and over. These digital scrapbooks can be used to send updates to your child’s birthparents, a collection of your travels, a lifebook, a way to show the year in review, or to help your child make sense of their adoption story. These can be shared online, via e-mail, or in print too!

Publishing programs create beautiful pages with backgrounds, photos, and embellishments on top of each other, just like the paper version. There are scrapbook-specific software programs that can cost around $40. Some popular ones are Scrapbook Factory Deluxe, My Memories Suite, Craft Artist Platinum, and Smilebox. These programs offer step-by-step tutorials. The only downside with these programs is the printing. You will need to print the projects using your own printer or using print shops such as Staples or FedEx Office.

My favorite way to create a digital scrapbook is through web-based photobook sites. You create custom photobooks with images, fonts, embellishments, and then order a professionally bound soft or hardcover volume. Some sites include, Blurb, MyPublisher, Picaboo, and my personal favorite, Shutterfly. Shutterfly always has great deals going on and sometimes they even have a Groupon or LivingSocial deal! Below I’ve created an easy walk through for creating a book through

When you visit Shutterfly’s website you will see all of the ways you can use Shutterfly as well as any deals they have and when those deals expire. If you click on “Photo Books” underneath “MY SHUTTERFLY” You will be brought to a new page that allows you to make photo books in two ways: Custom Path or Simple Path. I personally like to use the custom path because there are so many ways to make it your own. If you’re not that creative, the simple path may be the right choice for you.

When you choose your path you will be brought to a new page that has book ideas. They have SO MANY styles. If the style has an “S” next to the name it means it’s a storytelling style. These cost about $5 more but gives you way more backgrounds, layouts, embellishments, and designs. Sometimes it is worth the extra five bucks to have unlimited stickers!

While roaming through the styles, I found one titled “An Adoption Story” which is so adorable! When you select your photo book you will come to a new page that is where the magic happens! You will see a pop up for where to choose photos from. Your selections include your computer, facebook, or shutterfly account. Once you’ve selected the photos you can place them into your book and you’re ready to go! The left side of your page will have a section for layouts, backgrounds, embellishments, and ideas. Play around and see what you like! If you want to get even more customizable you can click on the “pages” link at the top and select customize page to change the size of your text boxes, photos, and embellishments. Below is a photo of a sample for photobook!

your name

When you’ve finally finished your photo book, you can select how you want it printed out and check your mailbox in about two weeks and enjoy your book! Before you check out on make sure you search for a coupon because they always have something going on!

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