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February Book Reviews 2015

2015 Adoption Book Reviews

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discovering_meDiscovering Me: A Journey Book About Adoption by Betsy Trainor-This book does a great job of explaining how different families begin.  It shows how families can start out different and even the make-up of adoptive families can be different.  It also stresses other people may have a similar story.

My only issue with this book is with the use of the word “forever family” to describe the adoptive parents.  Throughout the book it talks about “birth families” and “forever families”, which to a young child may make them feel that a birth family isn’t forever or is less than a “forever family” in some way, and if you have biological children as well as adopted children this may create some tension. It may also make some children feel that families that aren’t formed by adoption are only temporary.  Maybe you and your children can come up with a new word to replace “forever family” in the book or maybe you can just substitute it on your own.

On the whole though, the premise of the book is good, the pictures are fun and the story is a good introduction into adoption. price $5.21 (PB)

What Foster Parents Need to Know What Foster Parents Need to Know: Keeping a Journal, Handling Allegations, Adoption Subsidies, and More  by James A. Kenny – This is a useful little book filled with a lot of good information.  While some of it is redundant, its information that can never be told or talked about too many times.  I highly recommend this new little gem if you are considering fostering a child. 

Information on keeping a journal to help advocate for your foster child, and help fight any allegations, knowing your rights as a foster parent, tips on discipline, and subsidies available for you and your foster child are all talked about in easy to understand language and chapters are short. Some of the information published in this book can also be found in Fostering Families Today magazine. price $3.08 (PB) 

A Different home
A Different Home: A New Foster Child’s Story by John DeGarmo and Kelly DeGarmo-  If you ever wondered what a foster child thought or how they feel when they enter into a new foster home this book will give you a glimpse.  It may not be every child’s story but it certainly shows the mixed feelings and need to feel loyal to their birth family. The desire for all children to be home where they know the rules and the expectations, no matter how horrible it may have been is very real.
I thought that this was a well written book that may help other foster children know that their feelings are valid, and common.  While their story may be different the feelings may be similar and it would make a good starting point for a conversation. The pictures themselves spoke volumes and the emotion of them practically oozed off the paper.  This is a great book for foster families and anyone considering fostering a child.  price $12.85 (HC) Kindle edition $9.99

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