Top 10 Blog Posts from 2015

Top 10 Blog posts from 2015

We covered a large array of topics over the past year and so below is a recap of the top 10 blog posts from 2015:


  1. Positive Stereotypes

    Everyone knows about the effects of negative stereotyping but what about the effects of positive stereotyping…by using even these positive stereotypes for our children we are not allowing them to find their own potential.

  2. Adoption Symbolism & Superstitions

    For many people in the adoption community, “fate” is often emphasized in conversations concerning parents and children coming together… here are a few entities of symbolism within the adoption community.

  3. Guide to US Citizenship for Adult International Adoptees

    Adult adopted persons have faced grave immigration consequences when it was discovered that U.S. citizenship was never obtained on their behalf.  Some adult adopted persons have been deported or have encountered considerable difficulty in naturalizing after reaching adulthood.  Some estimate that the number of adult adopted persons without U.S. citizenship could number in the thousands.

  4. A Birthfather’s Story: Part 1

    istock_000014850463medium1I was working full time while finishing-up school.  A few months later when I was back home visiting family in New York, I got a late night phone call from Pittsburgh.  Jackie had discovered she was pregnant. She was already 5 months but never showed and she barely had any symptoms of pregnancy. At first I felt mad and very scared. I was mad because I didn’t know how this could happen. I felt that everything around me stopped and I was alone with nowhere to run to.  My mom and I are very close, but this is was one of those things that I felt like I had to hide and deal with on my own.

  5. Recordable Books for Birth Parents to give to Children

    With such busy lives, it may be hard to get your adoption triad together as much as you would like. By purchasing a recordable book your child can continue to hear their birthparent’s voice even when they are apart. And when your child is older, they can read a recordable book for their birthparents too.

  6. Adopting As a Single Parent by Choice, Making Dreams into Reality!

    family-dreamstime-jpeg-mother-and-baby-in-blanketSingle men and women want to adopt a child for many of the same reasons that couples want to. They want to be a parent, have a child to love, want to give a child a home, pregnancy might not be an option, and the list could go on. There has been an increasing in single adoptive parents over the past few years and whatever the reasons leading them to adoption, their journey is something to be celebrated.

    Many people hear the word “single parent” and automatically think that a tragedy or divorce caused their single status but that not always the case. There are many singles who make the choice to enter the world of parenthood.

  7. Paper Pregnancy: How Adoptive Parents Can Celebrate Their Time “Expecting”

    When a pregnant woman walks into a store, she might get asked “is it a boy or a girl?” “when are you due?” “how are you feeling?” When a couple is experiencing paper pregnancy, in the stage of waiting with an adoption, that questioning doesn’t usually naturally occur. Hopeful adoptive parents are in an exciting stage of life yet cautious at the same time.

  8. What Do Birth Parents See As Important When Choosing Adoptive Parents?

    Social workers are often asked “what is the most common reason a birthmother chooses a particular adoptive parent or couple?” The answer to that question is as wide-ranging as the women working with AFTH. It may be based on professions or hobbies, where they live, how they spoke about open adoption in their profile, the place they vacation each year, or simply because of a connection the birthparents felt to the family.

  9. A Birthfather’s Story: Part 2

    After talking to Adoptions From the Heart initially, we wanted to look at some profiles online to try and get a firsthand idea of how this whole process worked.  From what we understood, not every family from the website may be  available as a match. Basically each family has their own profile and a set of information that says which types of situations would be a fit for them. There was a chance that some of the families online wouldn’t be a match for us but we were eager to get started.

  10. Touching Video by DMC and Sarah McLachlan

    This  music video is a collaboration of DMC and Sarah McLachlan about adoption.  It is DMC’s way of letting his birth parents know that he is okay and had a good life.  It is dedicated to all people whose lives are touched by adoption and Harry Chapin and family.

Did you have a favorite post from 2015 that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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