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June Book Reviews


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ABA Consumer Guide to Adopting a Child by Robert & Jeffrey Kasky – Despite the horrific title and the fact that by the ABA endorsing a book of this title seems to be promoting the image of baby selling, I thought this book was really useful in regard to describing the process of adoption with a few exceptions.  There were a few things that I found incorrect in the book regarding private adoptions in all states when not all states allow private adoptions (like Delaware). However there is a disclaimer at the beginning about the authors basing the book on Florida law.

There were stories of true situations scattered throughout the book which I found very realistic.  I also really appreciated that the authors were very adamant about prospective adoptive parents not committing fraud by making promises to pregnant women with no intention of follow through.  The fact that these broken promises constitute fraud and could adversely affect the termination of parental rights is something all parents should keep in mind.

Overall though this book has a lot of good information despite its minor flaws.

Buy: Paperback – $19.95 | Kindle – $19.99


A House for Happy Mothers: a novel by Amulya Malladi – This is a powerful and timely book.  As surrogacy becomes more popular in the united states and abroad, this book looks at the emotions involved.  While this book is fiction it really puts you into the place of both of these women.  Priya is very believable as a woman struggling with infertility and desperate to have a child. Asha is a mother who is desperate to help her family, and provide for her gifted young son.

This book is an emotional roller coaster that reminds me very much of books by Jodi Picoult.  There are two sides to this story but the lines are fuzzy about what is right, it’s a huge moral dilemma and an excellent read.  This would make a great book for a discussion group or book club.  It would also help those who are considering surrogacy overseas to take a look at the other side of things.

Buy: Paperback – $9.00 | Kindle – $4.99 | Audible – $6.95

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