Top Love Builds Families Blog Posts of 2017

We’d like to begin the year by taking a look back at the Top 10 Blog Posts of 2017…enjoy!

#1 – My Adoption Story: Alyssa

Alyssa was born in Bogota, Columbia and was adopted by a Jewish couple from Long Island, NY. She talks about her journey, struggles and loss as well as how she views adoption as an international adoptee.

#2 – What Adoptees Want Adoptive Parents to Know

When reading about adoption in the mainstream media,  most of voices heard are those of adoptive parents. Rarely so we catch a glimpse into the mind of an adoptee but it is so important to hear their voices. In this post, an adoptee highlights 5 specific things she wants adoptive and prospective adoptive parents to know.

#3 – Surviving the Wait

For many prospective adoptive parent, the wait can sometimes be the hardest part of the process. The paperwork, though time consuming was the easy part because it was in their control, but now the unknowns begin and no one can  control how long the wait is. This post provides some tips to help waiting families.

#4 – Dealing with Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome (PADS)

Post-Adoption Depression Syndrome is a little known disorder but quite common among adoptive parents. This posts dives into what PADS is, the symptoms and some ways to cope. Most importantly, know the signs and get help when needed.

#5 – Building Families Through Adoption – Miss PA and Her Journey to Miss America

Katie Schreckengast is a rising senior at Penn State University and plays the alto saxophone in the Penn State Blue Band. In June of 2017, Katie was crowned Miss Pennsylvania and in September she competed in the Miss America Pageant under a very personal platform – “Building Families Through Adoption.” Adopted at just six months old from South Korea, Katie now travels the state speaking about her adoption journey. We had the great honor of having Katie host our 1st Annual Find Her Footing Sweat-a-thon on August 20th in York, PA.

#6 – Saying Things You Think Are Helpful, But Actually Hurt

As a pregnant woman planning to place her child, Brittany heard tons of hurtful comments during and after her pregnancy that were from people with good intentions. People often think they are being encouraging when in actuality their comments cause more hurt so she created a list of common things people say to expecting and birth parents and why they hurt.

#7 – Talking with Your Kids About Adoption

The “adoption talk” can seem daunting, however, it does not need to be. This post provides a list of tips to start and continue the adoption talk with your children most important: do it early and often.

#8 – After Seeing Thousands of Adoption Profiles, How Hard Could It Be to Create Our Own

AFTH’s Director of Marketing and Communications saw a different side of the adoption experience when she and her husband began the journey as prospective adoptive parents. One of the steps of the process challenged her in ways she wasn’t expecting. In addition to this post, she has chronicled their journey in her Adoptive Families Circle blog

#9 – Adoptive Parents Offer Open Adoption Advice to Prospective Adoptive Parents

For those  just beginning the process, open adoption can seem scary at first. We asked AFTH’s Facebook followers: What is your advice to those just beginning the process? What would you tell them about open adoption?

See what they had to say.

#10 How to Tell Your Child’s Adoption Story

As we mentioned before, it’s best to start talking with your child about adoption from as early as possible. It can be hard to know where to start and how to develop your child’s story over time as they mature and grow. This post provides some tips based on a child’s age to help with the conversation.

Do you have a favorite blog post from 2017 that wasn’t included? Leave a message in the comments





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