From Hesitation to Happiness: My Story as a Birth Father

Thank you to Jason for sharing his story.

When the decision came to go through the adoption process, it was so emotional and trying. After meeting with a family we had picked, I just knew it was the right one. The mother had ovarian cancer and couldn’t have her own children. They had one daughter through a medical procedure with her sister and husband, and another son that was adopted.

After the adoption was final, I exchanged phone numbers with the mother. Our numbers were the exact same area code, first three digits, and same last 4 digits, but just reverse order. I remember us saying…how crazy is that!? Since the area codes were the same, it strikes another conversation about where we lived. By the description in the adoption agency files, they lived about an hour from me. I wanted someone close so I could actually be in my son’s life. I was already a single father with 50/50 custody to my 11 year old daughter from my first marriage, and my son was born on the same day 11yrs later!

Another unbelievable event. It turns out the more we communicated, the crazier it got….in a good way! The adoptive mother and I attended the same high school. She was a few years older, so we didn’t know each other. After meeting for dinner one night, she asked me if I went to a certain church for preschool when I was a kid. I attended the church she asked me about. Here, her mom was my preschool teacher! The next meeting her mom came along with a class picture! It was unreal.

Although they were living an hour away, they were looking for a new home since her husband got a new job in the area. They ended up moving 10 mins away from me and it’s absolutely wonderful.

We text all the time and get together often. I’m invited to birthday parties, family get togethers, dinners, or even just a visit and campfire. It really couldn’t be any better, other than me being able to parent him myself of course! My daughter knows of him and is involved every time I see him. They have a special bond for sure. As soon as he sees my daughter, he goes running to her.

It’s so heartwarming how it all turned out. We couldn’t have found a more kind and loving family!”

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