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What Expecting Parents Search For In Potential Adoptive Family Profiles

Adoption is a beautiful and rewarding experience for birth mothers and adoptive parents. Finding the most suitable family for the child can be an extensive process, but all expecting mothers want the same thing for their child – a loving and caring adoptive family. You, an adoptive parent, may be asking yourself, “How do expecting mothers choose which family?” Or, “How do they know they are picking the right family?” For potential adoptive parents, first impression is truly everything. Consider these key points in your profile to stand out from the rest!


As mentioned before, first impression is everything. It’s not always easy to present yourself through a profile, therefore a balance between photos and words will assist in expressing who you are as an individual. Find words that are less cliché such as, “fun, outgoing, nice” and more expressive adjectives being “supportive, motivated, responsible”. Expecting parents want to see your authentic self and how others perceive you.


For couples hoping to adopt, embracing the strong relationship you have is a great point to highlight in your profile. Talk about the history of your life together, how you met, how long you’ve been together, how you spend your free time and how the decision of adopting became a reality. Expecting parents want to see that they are placing their child with trusted individuals who will maintain a stable lifestyle for the years to come. In this part of your profile, it is highly suggested to talk about what having a child would mean for your relationship as well.

Daily Life

With a new child in the picture, expecting mothers want to know about your everyday life and how their child will be incorporated into it. They’re eager to know how you, as the adoptive parent, will fulfill their child’s life. Photos are a great addition to this section of your profile, displaying the adventures and activities you partake in already.

Home and Parenting

What are your thoughts on parenting? What abilities and values do you plan on imprinting on their child to give them the best life possible? These are very important questions birth parents tend to ask. Ultimately, knowing their baby will be raised in a great neighborhood and loving home is what will make this process a lot easier on them in the end. Adding visuals and descriptions of the home and community results in an easier decision made.


The smallest details can make the largest impact on a birth parent when choosing the right family for their child. Every experience throughout the adoption process is unique and equally important to both parties, so finding that meaningful connection with each other through mutual desires for the child enhances your chances of being selected. Your profile should always be authentic and true to you, while also demonstrating why you would be the best fit to raise their child.

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