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Back-to-School Guide for Adoptive Parents

Back-to-School Guide for Adoptive Parents

As we draw nearer to another school year, it’s important to get those school supplies, books, and clothes for the new year. But for adoptive parents, the list could extend beyond book bags and binders. With each new year comes new questions from classmates, teachers, parents, etc. For your adoptive child, it may be hard to answer these questions repeatedly. It’s important to be proactive in the start to avoid any issues down the road. Here are some tips to making the next transition a little smoother for your child.

Schedule a Parent/Teacher Conference

Although these are primarily designed for the middle and end of the year, this may be a good option to share information with your child’s new teacher. Whether it’s providing tips for specific behavioral outburst, or informing them of triggers (loud noises, being left alone, etc.), it’s good for the teacher to have a full understanding of your child. Keep in mind that your child’s story is private and personal, so share things you deem necessary to your child’s daily care or education.

Provide Resources for Teachers

Especially in the younger years, teachers have mini-libraries chalk full of books. Provide them with adoption-centered books, such as It’s Okay To Be Different or A Mother for Choco. There are various options to incorporate. For educational purposes, it may be wise to give the teacher a book about the traumas associated with adoption – anything to help them become more familiar.

Go Over Tough Questions with Your Child

With the start of the new year, there will always be tough questions. New classmates and surroundings will bring forth a sense of unfamiliarity to adoptive children and classmates alike. Before the year starts, it’s a great idea to review questions peers may have and how to answer them. An exceptional book for answering those tough questions can be found in “Wise Up! Powerbook.” The book homes in on the child’s story, and how it is unique. They are the story-tellers and have full power of how and when they tell their story.

Get Involved

Whether it’s volunteering in the classroom, or chaperoning field trips, it’s good to be involved in your child’s life. You may even be able to host a talk in your child’s class pinpointing topics in adoption. There are endless options for you to get involved.

With the back-to-school jitters fully in swing, it’s important to take note of specific things you can do before the start of the year. Although accomplishing all of these before the year may not be possible, keep all of them in mind throughout the year – they will help you in challenging times for you and your child. It’s essential that we stay educated and do our best to educate the ones around us.



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