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Tips for LGBTQ Hopeful Adoptive Parents

Newsweek recently published an article citing the National Center for Health Statistics research on the overall effects of children raised by homosexual parents. “As lesbian, gay, and bisexual parented families become more visible, the findings bolster previous studies revealing that children raised in these families have comparable psychological well-being compared with children raised by heterosexual parents,” researcher Jerel Calzo of the San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health wrote in a statement on the findings.


Find an adoption agency that is LGBTQ Friendly

It’s important to find an agency that you are comfortable with. When considering an adoption agency, request references of LGBTQ adoptive parents you can speak with about their experience. Ask about the agency’s placement stats for LGBTQ families. Also, be sure the agency has the Human Rights Campaign seal of approval verifying their competency in serving LGBTQ clients.

Community Support

Joining a LGBTQ community support group during the adoption process or post-placement is a great way to connect with families. These support groups organize fun activities and events throughout the year. Adoptive Families Circle has some great support groups as well as blogs. Connecting with others who have created their family through adoption or are in process of doing so can create a wonderful support system.

Second Parent Adoption

Laws regarding same-sex couples adopting vary from state to state. In some instances, only one partner in a same-sex couple can officially adopt a child even though both partners co-parent. HRC explains that “a second-parent adoption allows a second parent to adopt a child without the ‘first parent’ losing any parental rights. In this way, the child comes to have two legal parents.”


Adoptions From The Heart social workers at these upcoming events speaking about adoption:

Philadelphia Family Pride Families Matter Conference on October 6th Adoption Option Panel

National Adoption Center LGBT Adoption Cafe



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