single parent adoption

Single Parent Adoption: “Not An Opportunity to Be Othered”

Brooke* is a single woman with everything she had ever wanted: a steady-paying job, her own condo, and the luxury to travel as she pleased. She spent several years establishing her career and built a life around her profession as a high-ranking executive.

Along the way, she felt as though something was missing: the love of a child. She always imagined getting married and settling down to raise a family. Much of her family and friends married and had children of their own, much to her delight. After welcoming her two nephews, she realized that her capacity for love was so great that she wanted to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming a mother on her own terms.

While at home on a snowy day, she made the phone call to her local social services department that changed her life forever. The stars were aligned; the office returned her call almost immediately and she attended an informational meeting with her sister later that week.

Her parents were supportive and had no questions regarding her parenting capabilities. She filled out the proper paperwork with great detail and passed home inspection with flying colors. Her own self-doubts about people judging her with “shaking heads and furrowed brows” did not occur. In fact, she stated that she experienced nothing but love and generosity from her peers upon adopting through the foster care system.

This new chapter in Brooke’s life did not come without some challenges. All of the parental responsibilities were solely hers, from playing with her children to emotional support. Her children faced comments about “not having a dad”, which she believes makes them feel “othered.” She reassures her children that just because they have one parent does not make them any less loved than other children. A common challenge for single parents, Brooke recognizes this as an opportunity to establish a strong familial unit.

Brooke not only pursued her dreams of motherhood, but she also built a fulfilling, happy life with her two children. Adoption brought her the two “greatest joys of [her] life” and does not doubt that her decision was exactly the right choice for her.




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