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How to Cope With the Adoption Process During the Holidays

The adoption process is a stressful and emotional one, especially during the holiday season. It is on the mind of prospective adoptive parents and birth parents alike every day. There is a lot of planning surrounding the holidays, including spending time with loved ones; the adoption process is similar in the fashion of scheduling and setting expectations.

However, there are ways through which families can cope with the struggles of the adoption process during the busiest time of the year.

  1. Spend time with friends and loved ones: The adoption process is one which not all families go through and therefore understand. It is important to share your frustrations and thoughts of the process to your friends and family. It is often said that a common reaction to stress is to spend time alone, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Speaking to a loved one can alleviate daily stress and can help provide some outside perception on personal issues.
  2. Involve yourself with charity and the community: The holidays are a time during which many families spend the most money on gifts for loved ones. However, not all families are able to spend a great deal of money due to income and living situations, particularly in urban areas. Giving back to your local community provides a healthy distraction from the stresses of the season while helping those in need. Whether it be monetary donations or spending time at a local food pantry, helping the less fortunate will allow you to connect with others and can help boost mental health.
  3. Maintain traditions: The holiday season is a time during which families gather to celebrate their traditions, from decorating their houses to cooking dinners and lunches. Keeping traditions provides stability and consistency for family members, particularly during a stressful time such as the adoption process. Doing so allows families to bond through various activities and make memories.
  4. Keep communication open at home: The adoption process is an emotional rollercoaster for all those involved. There is much money and time spent throughout the journey in addition to the frustration while waiting for a placement. Ensure that communication is crucial to all in your household so no one family member can express themselves in a healthy and productive manner.

For all those going through the adoption process, have a safe and happy holiday season!

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