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My first birth mothers day (an outsiders perspective)

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Mayra and I am Adoptions From The Heart’s Events and Marketing Coordinator. Although I went to school to be a journalist, event planning has always been a great passion for me. When I had the opportunity to join this amazing agency; I knew that this was the job for me. AFTH has giving me the opportunity of incorporating both my passions into one job.

You might be thinking.. how is your job title relevant to celebrating Birth Mother’s Day… well let me tell you about it.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to celebrate Birth Mothers Day with the amazing women from our Delaware Birth Mother Support Group.

As part of the marketing team, I don’t typically have the opportunity to interact with birth mothers one on one. I have worked behind the scenes of event planning and fundraising and although I’ve always understood that what I am working for is a very important cause, I never knew how important it really was.

My expectations

As part of the celebration we decided to bring a little pampering for the ladies in the Support Group. When we got the invitation be a part of the celebration I thought that maybe we would just have some fun “girl” time and that was it.

As a person who really enjoys serving other people, I was excited to pamper them and to give something to them! What I was not expecting was everything I learned and received from attending that meeting…

My takeaway

From the moment I got there, I was received with open arms by these women. Even though I have never been through some of the things they go through all the time, I was able to connect with their experience.

They were all so helpful and supportive of each other and that is something I really admired about them. I did not expect to get there and relate to their lives as much as I did.

What I took away the most from this experience was how strong birth mothers are. Unfortunately, this is not the way society paints them and that is something that needs to change. It didn’t take me long after listening to some of their stories and struggles to realize how powerful and selfless they are.

I did not know Birth Mother’s Day was even a holiday a couple of months ago. Now, I know the meaning behind it and how important it is to celebrate Birth Mothers all around the world.

If you haven’t before, I invite you to learn more about Birth Mothers and the importance to celebrate them this Mother’s Day weekend.

1 thought on “My first birth mothers day (an outsiders perspective)”

  1. We celebrate Birth Mother’s Day at our home. It truly is a special day; without it I would not be able to celebrate Mother’s Day weekend. 💖

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