My Son’s Adoption Journey from infancy to searching: Part 3 Calling that first number again!

Guest post is 3 of a 4-part series written by Amy Gaylon, an adoptive mother who assisted and supported her son in his search for his birth mother and her son Alex.

On April 17th, I was driving downtown with Alex’s Grandmom when Alex called and asked, “Mom, what are you doing?” When I told him I was driving, he told me to pull over. He said that he finally made the calls to his potential biological mother but no one answered, until he tried the first number again. A woman picked up and Alex told her that he was looking for his birth mother, Trina Dunn. She asked when he was born and his response matched her son’s birthday, so there they were talking for the first time after 21 years.

When Alex made the call, not knowing what he would find, he wanted to thank his biological mom because he felt like he had a very good life and opportunities because he was adopted. He also wanted Trina to not feel badly that she put him up for adoption, and to assure her that she made the best decision for everyone.

Trina also told him that she was married to his biological father which no one ever expected because they had Alex when they were in high school. Tommy was also able to get on the phone with Alex and Trina.  They told Alex that Trina was pregnant with her second child and due in two weeks. It took Alex a minute to realize that he was the first child.

Trina, Tommy, and Alex talked for over an hour and we were all able to hear Alex’s recording of the entire conversation. They were so happy that Alex called because their family always wondered what happened to the baby that they gave birth to. Was he happy and with a good family? Now they got to have their questions answered too.  

Trina always kept her maiden name just in case Alex ever wanted to find them. Trina also said that even if she did find out information about Alex, she never would have wanted to interrupt his life, but the timing worked out so well for everyone. Tommy’s mother was actually searching for Alex and got an email that said Alex could not be found few days after Alex found them!

They soon sent some photos, and it was interesting to see how much he looks like Trina and how he looked a lot like Tommy when Tommy was younger. It was very exciting to hear the news from Alex and I felt really positive about the situation. Everyone sounded lovely and I had a good feeling in my heart.

Two days after Alex called Trina, she went into labor and gave birth to Alex’s brother, Kai. Everyone felt so fortunate and we all wanted to meet each other. So from April to June we corresponded a lot before we planned to meet Trina, Tommy, and Kai for the first time.

Stay Tuned for Part 4 coming up on September 4th.


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