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What happens if I change my mind after adoption?

Choosing to place your infant for adoption is a very difficult process. This process can take a toll on expectant mothers; both emotionally and mentally. There are many conflicting emotions happening during the process; sometimes, birth mothers decide that adoption is not the right option for them.

Here are some things to know if you change your mind:

Know your rights

You need to know what your legal rights are from the beginning. As an expectant mother, you have the right to change your mind at any point before the baby is born.

Aft Once the baby is born, and before you have signed legal consent or paperwork for the adoption, you have the right to be informed. Your social worker must inform you of the law and timeframe to revoke your consent to the adoption.  

You can review this link with more information about each state’s law concerning the revocation of consent.

Think about your options

While this is a very complicated decision to make, ultimately you have to pick what would be the best for your child. Think about the initial factors that led you to consider adoption; have any of those factors changed?

There are several reasons why expectant mothers consider adoption as an alternative. Some of the factors expectant mothers consider are finances, the capacity to provide for the child, future goals, and more. If you are contemplating any of these factors, think about why you feel that way. Then decide what would be the best long-term choice for you and your child.

Seek Help

The adoption is recognized as a disruptive adoption once an expecting mother changes her mind. This kind of adoption is very emotional for everyone involved. A professional can support the birth mother through this process, as well as encouraging people in her life.

In the end, a mother has the right to change her mind about the adoption plan. It is a hard process for both parties, but it is crucial to choose what you feel more comfortable with.

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