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My Son’s Adoption Journey from infancy to searching: Part 4 Meeting His Birth Parents

We couldn’t wait to meet Alex’s biological parents and his new brother, Kai. My husband Steve, my mom (Grandmom E), Alex’s oldest sister Alisa from Chicago, my brother and sister-in-law and my two nieces all came to our house to wait for Trina, Tommy, and Kai to visit. Alex’s roommate from college, Jed, came to visit as well and filmed the reunion.

Finally, they arrived at our home in Penn Valley and everything seemed so natural from the very beginning. Within minutes, Grandmom E was giving Kai his bottle and we were all sharing stories about ourselves and our lives. We weren’t just happy to meet Trina and Tommy because they’re Alex’s biological parents, but we were very compatible and could talk forever. We brought them up to date on Alex’s life and we learned about them as well. They made an entire family tree, including the medical history of the whole family, and all of a sudden Alex knew more about his medical history than we knew about ours!

We have thousands of photos and Trina and Tommy were able to see pictures of Alex growing up since he was five days old until that moment. Together, we watched the first videos of Alex coming home from the hospital, the school plays he acted in, and even his Bar Mitzvah video. We spent two days together and then planned on going to Connecticut for Kai’s Christening to meet Alex’s extended biological family.

By this time every family member and friend of Trina and Tommy knew about Alex. Steve, Alex, and I walked into their church and the emotions were overwhelming. I felt badly that Alex might have been taking away the focus of Kai’s Christening, but everyone was so joyous and excited to finally see Alex in person. We loved meeting the extended family. Steve said it was like Alex opened a trapdoor, and all of a sudden we had a Catholic family just as large as our Jewish family.

Then Alex went to India for a semester abroad, and when he returned we went to Connecticut for our first Christmas together. This started many inclusive gatherings, phone calls, and traditions, celebrating each other’s holidays and celebrating each other. Alex has been able to enjoy many Christian holidays with his biological family and Trina never misses the chance to wish us “Chag Semeach” on all Jewish holidays. About two years after we met for the first time, the coincidences continued as Trina gave birth to Alex’s sister Zavia on Grandmom E’s birthday. We’ve made so many new memories together in the past 12 years as we’ve gotten to know each other’s families. We’ve certainly created a Mutual Admiration Society and we are extended family for life.

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