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is the paperwork making me crazy or was i this way before?

Originally posted August 2011 by Rebekah McGee. Rebekah a New York Adoption Consultant with Adoptions from the Heart. She and her husband adopted an infant son from Ethiopia in 2012 after a 2.5 year adoption process. Their family then had two biological daughters in 2013 and 2017. They are a transracial and special-needs family as her oldest child has multiple disabilities.

At this point in our adoption process, we are 1.5 years in and going on our second full homestudy (we moved states, so we had to start all over and do a complete homestudy AGAIN with a new agency!)

All of this running around and calling people has made me a little crazy. I’m attributing it to the move, the paperwork, and the $$ signs floating in our head (as in, look how fast it disappears!) Even I am driving myself crazy. Because I know that leaving several voicemails, then just showing up at an office for an answer to a silly homestudy question is not “normal” for me, righhht? 

But that is what happens when you are SO CLOSE to seeing your baby’s face yet your fate lies in the hands of another person (or fingerprint agencies, insurance company, and the timeliness of a pay stub for proof of employment). 

So I’m motivated, scatterbrained, and feisty. Watch out!

In all seriousness, this adoption process has certainly allowed for a lot of self-reflection. Perhaps it is the autobiographies needed for the homestudy or recalling every address I have ever lived in for my entire life. This process has made me realize who I have been as I look forward to the parent I will be. I think one major character trait is that I like control, I like a checklist, and when you are an adoptive parent, you have a great opportunity to check things off lists, but not a lot is in your control.

So, if you are considering adoption, be prepared for some major self-reflection and lots of opportunities to learn about parenting and adoption-related issues. It’s quite a journey but definitely worth it in the end.

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