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COVID-19 Friendly Fall Activities

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has destroyed everybody’s fall plans for this year. Whether you had a family costume planned for Halloween or were mentally preparing for your favorite haunted attractions, chances are you have been forced to alter those plans. While it seems almost foolish to consider planning family activities in this environment, there are still ways to make the most of this season. Keep reading to discover ways to have fun while keeping your family safe this fall!

Indoor Fall Fun

Staying in with your family may be the safest way to avoid any germs or disease this fall. However, it is not easy to make this a fun atmosphere for children. Luckily, there are a few simple ideas that can ignite the fall spirit in your home.

  1. Host a Virtual Costume Party

With video conferencing available at our fingertips, there is no reason why you can’t stay connected with friends and family while being away from each other. Host a virtual costume party by scheduling a time where everyone can join a video call. Have everyone dress up in their best costumes, enjoy their favorite festive treats, start a dance party, or a parade around the house showing off your outfits.

2.  Carve Pumpkins

A classic activity for a reason, it’s fun, simple, and always creates lasting memories. Pick up pumpkins and get to work. Make it a contest and give the winner their candy choice or invite friends to join over a video conferencing app and carve together.

3.  Candy Hide-and-Seek

Instead of going Trick-or-treating, where it is hard to socially distance and control your exposure, consider creating a “candy hide-and-seek” for your children. This game can be made in one of two ways. You could hide individually wrapped candy around the house or yard and have your children run around and find it, or you could create a scavenger hunt game. Hide the same individually wrapped candies around the house but make clues to lead your kids towards the candy.

Outdoor Activities

While it is harder to control germs’ spread during outdoor activities, proper planning can still make it possible to enjoy outdoor fall fun.

  1. Haunted Houses

The traditional haunted houses are not the most COVID-friendly option due to the large gathering of people and lack of social distancing and sanitizing. Fortunately, many haunted attractions have come up with alternatives to their traditional attraction. Some have offered a drive-thru haunt attraction in an attempt to eliminate large gatherings. Check to see if this is an option in your area!

2. Apple Picking and Pumpkin Patch

Apple picking and pumpkin patches are a must this fall. It is easy to socially distance during these activities as they take place in fields and orchards. Farms and apple orchards have also increased sanitizing protocols to make the environment. You can also bring your hand sanitizer and masks to protect your family further. Check out local farms and orchards in your area to learn more about their COVID-19 protocols!

While COVID-19 has thrown a wrench in many plans this fall, there are still ways to have fun! We hope this article sparked some ideas for your family fun adventure.




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