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Why Birth Parent Support is Important

A look into the services offered by Adoptions From the Heart for Birth Parents

After placing a child for adoption, you may feel many emotions during the grieving process and in search of a place to talk openly. Adoptions From The Heart provides services to our clients that support and allow birth parents to thrive.

Support Groups

Mary, a birth mother, was one of our first members to attend our in-person support group. The group was designed to give birth parents a place to lean on each other and share their experiences. In an interview with Mary, she described the other group members as her cheerleaders. The members build each other’s confidence by offering support and guidance, even when the world feels darkest.

Mary offered advice for birth mothers considering attending the group, “For someone new, if they are nervous, I guess my best advice would be to just try to get to here for just one time.” After attending just one session, you will see that there is no judgment and no pressure to speak. The benefits of attending a support group include the realization that you are not alone, expressing your feelings openly, gain support and empowerment, and help others.

Funding and Scholarships

Adoptions From The Heart also provides funding to expectant and birth parents through the Birth Parent and Expectant Parent Support Fund. The funds can be used towards assisting to pay for utility bills or groceries. After helping a loved one pay their electric bill, birth mother Mary fell behind on her rent. Not knowing if the agency could assist her, Mary called her friend Amanda, a social worker, to talk. Through the Birth Parent Support Fund, Mary was able to stay in her home. After receiving the grant, Mary was so grateful and hopes to pay it forward in the future.

The Birth Parent Scholarship is another program designed to offer support to birth parents. Unlike other scholarships, this funding can be used not only to attend a college but also towards receiving a GED or attending trade schools. The scholarship is open for birth mothers and fathers nationwide, not only Adoptions From The Heart clients. The agency assists birth parents with career guidance and achieving goals long term.

Medical Care

The agency can also provide medical care support to expectant mothers. Social workers can assist in exploring medical options, obtaining insurance, and finding an OBGYN. If you feel uncomfortable attending appointments alone, a social worker can attend an appointment and help facilitate the conversation with the doctor about your adoption plan. Adoptions From The Heart can even assist in transportation to doctor visits via Uber or a bus pass.


This year, Adoptions From The Heart will be working to expand support through various workshops formed to help birth parents with long term support. Workshops will discuss nutrition, budgeting, wellness, interview prep and resume writing.

These programs are created to give birth parents the confidence and space to tell their story and space for people to listen to them. To learn more about support services offered to birth mothers and birth parents, listen to this January’s podcast on Spotify

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