Things to Know About Transracial Adoption

Transracial adoption or interracial adoption is the adoption of a child that is a different race than the adoptive parents. The number of transracial adoptions in the United States is increasing annually. Adoption is more than just biology; it is family, and a family is defined by love.

Although it is ultimately the expectant parents’ decision to choose a family for their child, interracial adoption is becoming increasingly common and socially acceptable in America; with many couples and adoptive parents adopting children of all backgrounds.

Transracial adoption works like any other adoption, following the same process, costs, and ending with the same result – a loving family.

Every adoption journey is different and comes with its own challenges. If you are a family adopting transracially, there are situations that you may encounter that other families may not. If you are considering adopting a child that is a different race than you; it is important to do the necessary research to understand the obstacles they may face.

Deciding to adopt transracially is accepting a big responsibility. Here are some ways to prepare adopting outside of your race:

Advocate for your child

Advocacy starts with understanding and being aware of racial history of your child’s heritage in America. What are some experiences they may have that you are not familiar with? It is important to educate yourself and prepare to always support your child.

Celebrate their racial heritage

Celebrating your child’s ethnic heritage could look like many things. Such as celebrating different holidays, participating in, or attending community events that you normally would not, cooking typical food, or reading fun and informational books about your child’s culture.

Value multiculturism

Expressing value in the beauties of multiculturism will show the importance and acknowledge the positive contributions that each culture brings to our society. Educate yourself so you can educate them.

Be open to hard conversations

Loving your child like your own will not make their racial differences disappear. You must educate yourself about your child’s racial background to educate them on their culture from a young age. Seek out resources and talk to other transracial adoptees or families and learn from their experiences.

The beauty of transracial adoption is that it is a reminder of the power of familial love. Race matters, heritage matters, and understanding societal impacts on individuals of different races is a requirement for any parent considering adopting interracially. For more information or to find out if transracial adoption is right for you, visit our website

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