Ways to Show Birth Parents Love This Valentine’s Day

          Love comes in many shapes and forms, and February, especially Valentine’s Day, is the perfect time to spread the love and affection. This holiday celebrates not only the bonds between couples but also family members. Celebrating with family is not always an easy task, as many families do not look like the stereotypical family unit. Here are some ways you can include birth parents in your February 14th celebration.

The Valentine’s Day Card

          Finding a Valentine’s Day card addressed to a birth mother or father can be tricky but not impossible. Creating a homemade card is simple, plus who doesn’t love the extra love that goes into a handcrafted note. Use this day as a time connect further with your birth parent. If you haven’t talked recently, catch him or her up on things in your life. If you haven’t seen each other recently, send a recent picture of you. If you have been together, remind him or her of your favorite memories together. Sending a handwritten sign to your birth parent to show you care can go a long way.

Family Dinner

          Unfortunately, due to social distancing protocols, meeting up with your birth parent might be off the table, specifically, the dinner table. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t schedule a virtual family dinner over a video chat service, like Zoom. You can even start the call early and cook together. Do the same meal and either learn from or teach your birth parent. Maybe you each cook a different meal and send each other the recipes after. Sitting down to a meal together is the perfect time to catch up and share stories. The good thing about a virtual dinner is that it allows many people easy access to each other. Perhaps you’d like to extend the virtual invite to more of your birth parent’s relatives. If not, a small, intimate meal is never a bad thing.

Movie Night

          Some families just aren’t talkers, and that’s fine. Having the quiet companionship of a virtual movie night might work better for you and your birth parent. Many streaming services have a party option that allows people from different locations to stream a movie together. If you aren’t tech-savvy, then you can always go the old fashion way.  Try to start the movie at the same time. Some people can’t resist talking throughout a movie; if you and your birth parent are like that, video call and have your own commentary throughout. Watching a movie together allows for many talking points. If you struggle with talking points, try discussing your favorite or least favorite parts of the movie. In the end, sharing the experience is an excellent way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

A Thoughtful Gift

          Time isn’t always a luxury everyone has. If you or your birth parent simply do not have the time for a call or a dinner together, sending a little gift also sends the message that you are thinking of them. Dropping off or shipping out a present takes a small amount of time. The gift can be anything! It can be sentimental or something he or she can use in everyday life. If you guys are readers, send your favorite book. Once you’ve both read it, you will have a lot to share. Going the tried-and-true way of candies or flowers is never a bad idea.

To summarize no matter how you manage to put a smile on your birth parent’s face is a Valentine’s Day well spent.

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