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Open Adoption Interruptions Due to COVID-19

Navigating postponed visits and our tips to stay connected this winter.

For almost a year, we have been experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic. Navigating the “new normal” is still challenging, especially when it seems as if guidelines and restrictions are constantly changing. One thing the pandemic has taught us is the importance of human connection and checking in on our friends and family.

Due to the pandemic, many birth parents have faced postponed or cancelled visits with their children. Our lives have become busy with virtual schooling and working from home, and birthparents are understanding of these lifestyle changes. However, now is the time to ensure adoptive families try to maintain a connection with their child’s birthparents.

This time can be especially challenging for a birth parent who may already struggle with anxiety and depression or lives alone. Offering more connection during this time can deeply enhance the relationship within the adoption triad.

Remembering to be mindful of each other during this time is especially crucial. Even just passing along more photos to your social worker or setting up a virtual visit with the birth family can go along way during these challenging times.

Below, we put together a list of engaging ways to stay connected this winter!

  1. Read a book together virtually: Consider having the birth parent read a story to your child after dinner or during bedtime. If your child is older, try starting a virtual book club! Choose a book to read together or take turns picking books and meet up after reading them to have a discussion. For information about starting a family book club, check out this article, How to Start a Family Book Club.
  2. Have a virtual board game tournament: Learn a new board game or stick with the classics like The Game of Life, Checkers and Clue. You can have an Uno tournament or learn a new card game together!
  3. Play virtual Bingo: A favorite to all! Download bingo cards for free online. allows you to select from pre-made BINGO cards or customize your own. Share the link with the players and the link will automatically give each player a random Bingo card. All that is left is to decide who will call the numbers!
  4. Go on a hike or visit a local park: Even though it is winter, it is beneficial to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Visit a local park to go for a walk, play outdoor sports, or go for a hike. If you feel comfortable, meet up in-person or go on a walk together virtually. Bring chalk or bubbles for added fun. If snowy weather is in your future, build a snowman or go sledding.
  5. Go to the movies at home: Host a virtual movie night complete with popcorn!
  6. Cook a recipe together: Cooking is a great way to connect virtually. Plan a make your own pizza or sundae night or cook a special recipe together.
  7. Create an art project: Take inspiration from the winter and create paper snowflakes together. If you are up for the challenge, try these 3D paper snowflakes! Look online for other fun and easy crafts to do together virtually.
  8. Do a virtual work out: Keeping our bodies moving and healthy is so important and can be fun too. Do a dance work out together from YouTube or create your own exercise routine.
  9. Host a trivia or karaoke night: Another great way to stay connected virtually is to host a trivia or karaoke night. Learn more about one another by creating questions about each other. Or if trivia isn’t your thing, sing the night away to your favorite songs!
  10.  Look for outdoor events: Looking for more in-person activities, check listings for local events happening in your area on Facebook to try. Discover something new by visiting a craft fair or a museum (virtually or in-person).

Staying connected during these unprecedented times is so important. After almost a year of being in this pandemic, reaching out to loved ones and letting them know you are there for them, is still so vital. Maintaining open communication between adoptive and birth parents will allow for openness to continue to thrive. Let us know in the comments how you try to stay connected with your child’s birth parents during COVID-19 or which activity you plan to try!

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