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The Importance of Communication between Adoptive and Birth Families

Having an open adoption with some degree of communication between adoptive and birth families has proven beneficial for all involved.

This open adoption process makes it much easier on the birth parents in terms of coping with feelings of loss and grief. They can stay updated on their biological child and know that they are living a good life. They don’t have to worry about their child and are able to get that extra reassurance that they are okay. There are no more what-ifs or “I wonder what he/she looks like,” ultimately making this entire process that much smoother.

In terms of the adoptee, having an open adoption makes this journey much easier for many reasons. The child no longer questions where they came from and why they were adopted. These are questions that adoptees constantly look back on, filling them with feelings of isolation and rejection. With open adoption, this issue is resolved, as they can contact their birth families and understand why adoption was the best option for them. They are allowed to ask questions about their family’s background and culture. Not only this, but having this level of openness in the relationship between birth and adoptive families provides for the child to have that much larger of a support system of a family who loves and cares for them.

Communication between adoptive and birth families can vary in many ways. It may be letters, FaceTime calls, texts, home visits, or other forms of communication. It may be infrequent, or it may be much more frequent. It is essential to be very open and honest in discussing with all parties involved, no matter your role or what you are comfortable with. Whether you are the birth mother or the adoptee, your opinion matters, and the level of openness should be reflective of that.

Check out this article for more information, where the advantages and benefits of open adoption and allowing for communication between adoptive and birth families is extended on:

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