Safety Tips & Signs of Child Abuse

Child abuse is a very real and serious issue today. Child abuse can occur in many different forms, whether physical, emotional, sexual or neglect. It is crucial to advocate for our children and ensure they stay protected. Follow along below for tips to recognize and prevent child abuse. 

1. Setting Boundaries

Discuss with your children boundaries – things such as safe and unsafe touches. Let your children be aware of what is okay and what is not so that they can recognize and speak up if something bad is occurring. 

2. Believe Your Children

If a child comes to you to tell you of an incident that has occurred or if they are being hurt – take them seriously and believe them. Let them know it is not their fault and work with them to figure out what is happening. Make sure to remain calm as they open up to you and offer your support.

3. Let Them Know You Care

Let the children in your life know that you are there for them and care about them. It’s essential for them to have someone they can trust and open up to about what is happening and try to be that person for them. 

4. Look Out For Behavior Changes

Sudden behavior changes could be a sign that something is not right. If a child begins acting out, isolating themselves, or dropping grades in school, itcannot hurt to check in and make sure everything is okay. You should also report if the child starts to become visibly more violent, whether it be to other children or abusing animals and pets. 

5. Pay Attention to Physical Signs

If a child has any physical injuries, such as bruises, bites, or burns, that they cannot explain, something may not be quite right. Additionally, if you noticechanges in eating habits – this could be another sign.

6. Look Out for Warning Signs in Parents

It’s essential to take note of a parent’s behavior, and their child’s when it comes to recognizing child abuse. If a parent blames their child or denies problems with their child’s behavior – something may be wrong. If the parent describes their child as worthless and a burden, this is another sign that the child may not receive the love and care they deserve. The way a parent talks about and displays concern for their child can be a tell-tale sign that should not be ignored. 

This is a very serious topic that all adults should be educated on so that we can protect our children. For additional information on how to prevent child abuse follow the links below:

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