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When is the right time to look into adoption after facing infertility?

What is Infertility? 

Infertility is something both men and women may face in their lives that could ultimately alter their plans for the future. Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after having tried for at least one year, whether it may be from inadequate levels of certain hormones in both men and women or trouble with ovulation. Infertility is more than just not being able to conceive a child. It is coming to terms with the idea that a dream you once had, of having a biological child, may not be possible. Infertility grief is a real thing that families go through, often in silence. Some struggle with their identity and emotions, making it difficult to reach out for support. Just remember that you are never alone in infertility. There are great resources out there, to help families cope with all stages of their fertility process. Listed below are some great counseling centers and foundations that specialize in infertility, while ensuring you are getting the help you need. 

– Infertility and Adoption Counseling Center:

– The Broken Brown Egg:

– Cade Foundation: 

Coping techniques after Infertility

There are some great techniques in helping along the grieving process to open your heart to having an adoptive child. Writing a letter to yourself to explain on paper how you are feeling and what adoption would mean to you. Having an open discussion with your partner about what the future would look like with or without a child. Work on your cognitive reconstruction to open yourself up to adoption. Talk to a social worker at an adoption agency to learn everything you would need to know. 

Coping with infertility is a process that cannot and should not be rushed. It’s important to deal with those emotions and take the time to discover where you (your partner) need and want going forward. One great coping technique is writing a letter to yourself to explain, on paper, how you are feeling. Being open to and having an open discussion with your partner about what the future would look like with or without a child. And then, working on your cognitive reconstruction to open yourself up to, possibly, other paths to parenthood. There’s so many resources out there ready and wanting to assist people just like you, on your journey to healing, coping and progression. 

Adoption after facing Infertility 

Everyone grieves differently. Some families are able to jump right into adoption upon receiving their infertility diagnosis. While other families need to go through a grieving process in order to be emotionally available and fully open to the idea of adopting a child. Adoption is a huge decision that should be made with a clear mind and full understanding that it is not a solution to infertility, rather a choice. Prospective adoptive parents must be open to all parts of the process of educating themselves, for the sake of the child.  . An adoptive child should be loved and accepted into a home without the burden of fulfilling an emotional void. Adoption is a big step, with lots of unforseen, moving parts that, as prostectives, you should be emotionally ready for all that comes with it.

Perspective from an Adoptive Mother who faced Infertility

“The pain from my experience with infertility has gone away. I did everything in the science book to try and conceive a child. I’d done IVF, shots/medicine, and even considered egg donation. Nothing would take and I even went through a pretty ugly miscarriage. Adoption, for me, was always on the table but was never really considered until after I experienced infertility. I had to emotionally let go of the thought of going through pregnancy and labor and just fall in love with the idea that no matter what, I was going to become a mother. Today I look back at my infertility journey and I wouldn’t change a thing; not one doctor’s appointment or the rollercoaster of emotions, because that journey gave me my two daughters whom I adopted, and that has fulfilled my dreams of becoming a mother and brought my life so much joy!”  ~ Maureen, Adoptive Parent

How can I learn about adoption?

Here at Adoptions From The Heart we help everyone from expecting and birth parents, adoptees, adoptive parents, to prospective adoptive parents. For more information, head over to Adoptions From The Heart’s website, where there is a tab called “Looking to Adopt?”. There you can request adoption assistance from an adoption counselor at our agency and get connected to tools and resources right away. The link to our website is listed below and our phone number as well.

(888) 630- 8842

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