Activities to Enjoy with the Family for the Rest of the Summer

As we approach the month of August, we can officially see the summer season coming to an end. Soon we will watch the leaves change color, the winds grow more robust, and find comfort in cuddling up under a blanket to watch football games. That is why Adoptions From The Heart provides you with some last-minute summer activities to enjoy with your families before the temperature drops and while the sun still shines. 

1- Take a Family Bike Ride or Visit a State Park

Getting outside and enjoying nature is always great for family fun bonding. Even better, bonding while getting exercise is a plus! Visiting a state park even doubles as a great environment to teach the kids about all things nature.

2- Have a Barbecue Cookout

Time to dust off that grill and cook a huge family meal that everyone can enjoy. If you have older children, this could even double as a teaching opportunity, schooling the kids on how to fire up those coals while enjoying the fresh air and delicious food.

3- Build an Outdoor Fort or Camp Outside

It is always fun to gauge the kids’ creativity in a fun and innovative way. Bust out that backyard furniture, decor, and your most cozy blankets and pillows, and build something you can camp in overnight. 

4- Have a chalk art drawing contest 

Time to see if you are the most artistic in the family with a chalk art contest! Set a time limit and see what each family member can create and vote on a winner!

5- Visit a Pool or set up a sprinkler 

We all know that the end of summer can get REALLY hot. It’s always nice to take a dip in the pool or run through a sprinkler when the sun is beating down. 

6- Set up a lemonade stand

This summer, teach the children fun and responsibility simultaneously! Engage in lemonade making together and watch the kids make some money with a lemonade stand. It’s always fun to see if the kids can sell a cup of lemonade, or will they drink it all?

7- Create your own scavenger hunt

Make your own souvenirs and hide them in the yard for a day of fun hunting. Whoever finds the most hidden objects wins! 

8- Have a smores night and tell ghost stories around a fire

Build a fire and make some s’mores with the family. While everyone is enjoying their s’more around the fire, tell the most thrilling ghost story and see whose story is the scariest. Whoever wins, get the last s’more.

9- Have an outdoor picnic 

Choose a shady location, pack a wide spread of food, snacks, drinks, and blankets to enjoy a fun, family picnic! Take it a step further and load up with some fun card and board games the family can enjoy, along with family fun favorites!

10- Have an outdoor movie night

Buy a projector or simply bring a laptop outside and enjoy a movie with the family. Head to the store for some popcorn, candy, and soft drinks and decide on a flick everyone will be sure to enjoy. 

Lastly, set your calendars! Everyone should make a plan to catch the next AFTH Summer Family Picnic! Every summer, Adoptions From The Heart hosts its family picnic, where adoptive families, birth families, and adoptees join together for a day of food, fun games, music activities, and crafts. 

The agency is located all along the east coast, but no worries! We host picnics in PA, NY, CT, and Virginia! Please stay up to date on all our events on our website You won’t want to miss a thing!

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