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National Adoption Month & Living In The “Triad”

November is National Adoption Month, a time to raise awareness about the adoption of children as well as the women who have chosen adoption for their children.  A birthmother is not brave; she is not strong or tough. She is simply a mother— mothers by instinct protect and love their children. She had the most… Continue reading National Adoption Month & Living In The “Triad”

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Adoption Symbolism & Superstitions

For many people in the adoption community, “fate” is often emphasized in conversations concerning parents and children coming together. Usually the belief is that children are connected to their forever parents by God’s will, fate, or even luck for some. Of course not everyone believes in these,  but here are a few entities of symbolism… Continue reading Adoption Symbolism & Superstitions

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July Book Reviews

All books purchased by clicking the link in our review will give AFTH a small donation from  If you are interested in purchasing one of the books in our review please consider buying it through our link to Becoming Patrick: A Memoir by Patrick McMahon - A moving memoir that captures the bittersweet aspects… Continue reading July Book Reviews

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When most people think of the adoption triad they think of the birth mother, the adoptive family and the child but there is a missing piece to this picture.  Birth fathers may be the most overlooked individuals in the adoption process but it is important to remember that they have the same parental rights as… Continue reading Birthfathers