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Should I share that my child is adopted with his teachers?

As back to school rolls around, the school year signifies a time in which parents go above and beyond to ensure their children are as successful as they can be in the class. In the case of adoptees, this success can look a little different. The question of "should I share that my child is adopted with their teachers" begins to manifest.

adoptive parents, Parenting

Back To School Separation Anxiety

Most children experience some sort of excitement or anticipation as the first day of school approaches. But for children who struggle with separation anxiety, this day can be dreadful for both of you! Children with separation anxiety battle extreme distress when leaving their primary caretaker—so much so that it may get in the way of normal activities, including… Continue reading Back To School Separation Anxiety


Get Children to and From School Safely

September brings the start of a new school year and the sight of children nationwide walking to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon.  If you're concerned about their safety (and that's only natural), follwo these tips for making sure your children know how to navigate the streets without trouble: Choose the… Continue reading Get Children to and From School Safely