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Birth Parents in Open Adoptions and the Importance of Ongoing Support

There are many important conversations to be had when discussing open adoption, including that of the wellbeing of the individuals creating an adoption plan for their child—birthparents. With Birthmother’s Day (the day before Mother’s Day) quickly approaching it was time to delve deeper into this topic. By hearing from actual birthparents about their experiences with… Continue reading Birth Parents in Open Adoptions and the Importance of Ongoing Support

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A Very Special Gathering of Birthmothers In Support

On May 4th, a very special group of women gathered together in the Cherry Hill Office. The Cherry Hill staff were honored to be joined by 5 birthmothers, 2 birth grandmothers, and a woman working with AFTH who is considering making an adoption plan for her baby. Three of the women had placed within the… Continue reading A Very Special Gathering of Birthmothers In Support

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Let’s Celebrate…It’s National Adoption Month!

National Adoption Month is only a week away. Have you thought about how you will celebrate adoption as a part of your life, your family, your child? Here are some suggestions of ways to honor National Adoption Month: Promote adoption awareness via social media. Use your Twitter, Facebook, or blog— whichever you choose. Share your… Continue reading Let’s Celebrate…It’s National Adoption Month!

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Reflections With A Birthmother

Lindsay was really happy when she found out she was pregnant fifteen years ago. She was happy until she found out her boyfriend was seeing someone else and then took off to Michigan. She realized she couldn’t raise a child on her own. So one day when Lindsay was driving in the car, she heard… Continue reading Reflections With A Birthmother