What is your child’s learning style?

Learn how your child learns, and you'll do a better job of helping him or her in school. Education experts say most children (and adults, for that matter) excel with one of these main styles: Visual Learners: Learn best when they can see something, or picture it in their minds. They absorb more from reading… Continue reading What is your child’s learning style?


Teaching About Charity & Giving

With the holidays quickly approaching, we are reminded to be thankful and celebrate the positivity in our lives.  There’s always an emphasis on sharing and giving as November rolls around. Just as we should teach our children how to care for themselves, it’s important to give our children opportunities to be charitable and giving to… Continue reading Teaching About Charity & Giving

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Take a smart approach to social networking for kids

You can't escape social networking these days: Facebook, linkedIn, Google+, and all their online cousins are everywhere. If you've got kids, chances are they're eager to join all their friends in cyberspace. Worrying about their safety is natural, but hoping social networks will go away isn't very realistic. You're better off working with your children… Continue reading Take a smart approach to social networking for kids

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Involve Children in their Own Health Care, Survey Says

Sick children are often sheltered from discussions about their health care.  But a study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing suggests that health professionals and parents would do better to consult children more and include them in decisions. Researchers in Ireland spoke with 55 young people, ranging in age from 7-18 with acute or… Continue reading Involve Children in their Own Health Care, Survey Says

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Blending Families: How to Make it Work

Many parents who adopt as singles or as married couples may find themselves with new partners at some point.  If your new partner has children you will then become a blended family. Tv's The Brady Bunch portrayed a "blended" family sharing good natured laughs and occasional quarrels, but in reality blended families can face serious… Continue reading Blending Families: How to Make it Work

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Caring for African-American Hair

This article was sent to us by a reader who was concerned about the lack of education regarding haircare for families adopting African-American children. For Caucasian families adopting African-American or African-American bi-racial children hair care can be a challenge. African-American hair is often much thicker and curlier than Caucasian hair and needs a lot of… Continue reading Caring for African-American Hair