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Answers to Questions about Embryo Donation & Placement

1. Do Embryo donors receive compensation similar to compensation that egg donors receive? Donors are not paid for the embryo donation, but are reimbursed by the recipient for specific expenses related to the donation. These expenses may include testing and screening (e.g. obligatory blood tests) as well as expenses incurred transferring the embryos to your… Continue reading Answers to Questions about Embryo Donation & Placement

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Surrogacy and using donor embryos to create a family is surprisingly controversial by some in both the adoption and infertility community. But don’t all potential parents have an obligation to explore the full range of alternative family building options available to them?  These options may not be for everyone but opening our minds to the… Continue reading One Size Doesn’t Fit All

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Surrogacy & Embryo Adoption: What to tell your Children

In the adoption community it has been long recognized that children should be told early and often about their adoption.  Knowing the story of their birth, and how they became a part of the family is important to their development.  However with the new wave of alternative ways to build families such as surrogacy and… Continue reading Surrogacy & Embryo Adoption: What to tell your Children