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The Other Side of Adoption

This birth mother explains why she is fearful of asking for updates from her daughter's adoptive parents: "I usually start to get really anxious around Christmas time. I know the Holidays are hard on a lot of Birth Moms but I think mine is mostly because her Birthday is just a few short weeks after… Continue reading The Other Side of Adoption

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Back To School Separation Anxiety

Most children experience some sort of excitement or anticipation as the first day of school approaches. But for children who struggle with separation anxiety, this day can be dreadful for both of you! Children with separation anxiety battle extreme distress when leaving their primary caretaker—so much so that it may get in the way of normal activities, including… Continue reading Back To School Separation Anxiety

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Adoption Fear

This is a guest post from LeMira, who is currently on the journey to expand her family through adoption.   This post was also featured on the Birthmother Voice The most monumental acts in our lives, in history, are driven by emotion.  The emotions we feel can change the course of our paths. Fear is a… Continue reading Adoption Fear