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Pennsylvania Revocation Period

Adoption laws vary greatly from state to state. It’s best to learn your state’s specific adoption laws. If you end up getting matched with a child outside of your state, you should familiarize yourself with the adoption laws of that state as well. One aspect of adoption law that varies the most is the revocation… Continue reading Pennsylvania Revocation Period

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What Expecting Parents Search For In Potential Adoptive Family Profiles

Adoption is a beautiful and rewarding experience for birth mothers and adoptive parents. Finding the most suitable family for the child can be an extensive process, but all expecting mothers want the same thing for their child – a loving and caring adoptive family. You, an adoptive parent, may be asking yourself, “How do expecting… Continue reading What Expecting Parents Search For In Potential Adoptive Family Profiles

Open Adoption

Open Adoption – Remembering It’s NOT Just About Me

When we began the adoption process, we kind of had a leg up in knowing so much about open adoption. I had been working in the field of adoption for years and we knew several families that had different levels of contact with their children’s birth parents. We knew of the wonderful benefits of openness… Continue reading Open Adoption – Remembering It’s NOT Just About Me


A teacher’s Guide to Introducing Adoption in to the Classroom in 4 Easy Steps!

The start of a new school year means many different things for families, like new classmates, new teachers, lunches, hectic schedules, homework assignments and school projects. With all of these changes, some adoptive parents can also experience a little concern when sending their child off to school. Sometimes children are given assignments that require personal information,… Continue reading A teacher’s Guide to Introducing Adoption in to the Classroom in 4 Easy Steps!

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Open Adoption: The Birth Parent Perspective

In November 2006, The Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute published an article titled, Safeguarding the Rights and Well-Being of Birthparents in the Adoption Process. This work highlighted the changes that have taken place in adoption practices and how it is important to protect the rights of birthparents along each step of the adoption journey. Adoption… Continue reading Open Adoption: The Birth Parent Perspective

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Fundraising for Your Adoption

Some people have different opinions when it comes to fundraising for adoption. If you are someone who has decided to go the fundraising route it can be daunting, but never fear, we are here to help! Start by going over all the fees with your attorney or your social worker from your agency so you… Continue reading Fundraising for Your Adoption

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Answering Awkward Adoption Questions

If you are any part of the adoption triad – birthparent, adoptive parent, or adoptee – you’ve most likely been asked some awkward or insensitive questions, even if it is just out of pure curiosity the questions can still be inappropriate. It is always good to educate those who are curious about adoption when possible… Continue reading Answering Awkward Adoption Questions