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Life after adoption – how to make the transition easier.

Having a child will change your life. Is a time of happiness and celebration, but it can also bring some challenges. There are many reasons why parents struggle at the beginning - sleep depredation, adjusting to the new life, and many more. Here are some tips of what to do, so the transition to this… Continue reading Life after adoption – how to make the transition easier.

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Post Adoption Depression (PADS)

Most people have heard of Post-Partum Depression, in fact it has become widely recognized and accepted. Unfortunately the same can't be said for Post Adoption Depression (PADS), similar to PPD. A survey of 145 parents who adopted internationally found that over 65% of them have experienced some form of PADS. While this specific survey was… Continue reading Post Adoption Depression (PADS)

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Red Thread Sessions- Adoption Photography

We keep hearing about these Red Thread Sessions in one of our adoption discussion groups so we just had to check it out. This is a fabulous benefit for adoptive families. And no, it is not a scam! The term Red Thread Session relates back to our post a few weeks ago about the ancient… Continue reading Red Thread Sessions- Adoption Photography

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What new parents worry about

A new child brings joy, hope for the future and a lot of worries. A survey byRichard Day Research on behalf of Playtex found that new mothers feel nervous about a lot of things: Establishing a healthy sleep routine - 57% Having everything they need to care for their infant - 57% Minimizing exposure to… Continue reading What new parents worry about