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What are adoption facilitators?

There are more and more adoption facilitators popping up throughout the adoption world leaving many families confused about what would be the best option for them. ¬†Unlike adoption agencies, adoption facilitators are unlicensed and unregulated companies who charge money to match prospective adoptive families with women considering adoption. Adoption facilitators are usually small organizations with… Continue reading What are adoption facilitators?

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Advantages of Using a Private Agency

Prospective birth parents receive counseling. Pregnant women who work through private agencies receive counseling from professionals experienced in adoption.¬† Prospective adoptive parents can benefit from knowing that these women have received and can continue to receive counseling helping them to make an informed decision that is right for them both before and after they place… Continue reading Advantages of Using a Private Agency

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State Laws Regarding Adoption by Gay and Lesbian Parents

This material may be reproduced and distributed without permission; however, appropriate citation must be given to the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse. Second Parent Adoptions The most common way in which same-sex couples adopt is that one partner already has legal custody of a child (either by birth or adoption) as a single parent. Then the… Continue reading State Laws Regarding Adoption by Gay and Lesbian Parents