About Us

Since 1985, as a non-profit organization, the mission of Adoptions From The Heart is to provide safe and loving homes for children and offer quality, comprehensive services to families, birth parents and children.  Through educational, counseling and support programs, we help strengthen families, support birth parents and educate the community. The Agency’s mission also extends out into the community at large by providing financial support to families and children in need and helping to educate the public by providing trainings to hospitals, clinics, schools and social workers.  Adoptions From The Heart is also very active in continuing to help draft and propose legislation in various states that will positively impact the adoption and child welfare system.

Our Goals

1. To assist in the placement of children in a permanent adoptive family, who understand a child’s feelings and their need to have knowledge about, and/or keep in touch with, their birth family.

2. To educate families regarding the positive impact open communication with birth parents and embryo donor families has on children entering families through adoption or embryo donation placement.

3. To donate humanitarian goods and services to children and families who are less fortunate.

4. To educate the public as to the positive values of adoption as an option.

5. To educate the public about third party reproductive alternatives through the Agency’s Heartbeats Program for embryo donation, placement and surrogacy.

6. To provide educational programs that will strengthen the family unit for families who have chosen adoption or third party reproductive techniques.

7. To educate the public on embryo donation as an option for families with unused embryo’s.

8. To provide counseling and support services to birth parents in the communities in which they live.

9. To advocate for better legislation that will positively impact the adoption and child welfare system.