Embryo adoption becoming the rage

embryosingleMany families are turning to Assisted Reproduction in order to create or expand their families.  There are an estimated 500,000 cryo-preserved embryo’s in storage.  The families who have created these embryos have several options once they have completed their families, they can donate the remaining embryos to science, destroy them, keep them in storage, or donate them to another couple hoping to have a child.  The following links  will take you to an article about Embryo adoption that was recently in the Washington Post, and CBS interviews with several families who are going through embryo adoption, recipient and donors.

Embryo adoption becoming the rage – Washington Times


4 thoughts on “Embryo adoption becoming the rage”

  1. Our family has been blessed by the miracle of Embryo Adoption. We used http://www.MiraclesWaiting.org to find our embryos. There is only a $100. donation to post your profile on their site. We were “matched” in less than a week. Please feel free to follow my blog @ JensAdoptionBlessings.blogspot.com


  2. We have been blessed through the miracle of embryo adoption. I am currently pregnant with one sweet baby through EA! Thanks for bringing light to this subject!

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